Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Hi! My internet has been down so sorry about no posting! I'm hoping we get it fixed soon. So anyway here is what has been happening plus some thoughts later on in the post.
Last thursday : spent the night at my friends house stayed up till two something. The next day we got my mom to drive us to barnes and noble for book release party. We hung out there and it was fun! The book was actually a twillight book- which if you know me is not something I normally read. However I read the first book and found it suprisingly not what I thought it to be and I enjoyed it. Although that will probably be the last vampire series I read - I prefer realistic fiction and most vampire books contain language and scenes I don't agree with , and just doesn't do it for me. Anyway we stood in line for an hour and then went back to her house ( it was about 1 :50 at this point anyeay we scarfed done are dinner stayed up till 5:50 fininshing it (me anyway) ,crashed till 11:30 then left for a braves game at one and returned at 9:30. It was all so fun. Although it was a disapointment that we couldn't stay for the Steven Curtis Chapman Concert . The next day church.
Oh for any of you who also love Karen kingsbury she is giving an interview tomorrow on 104.7 the fish! If you don't live in the area you can listen online @ www.thefistatlanta.com!

God Bless,
Ashley Lane

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