Friday, August 8, 2008

Christain living

What is christian living? How can we possibly live up to Jesus without falling short. Answer : We can't. We as humans are going to mess up. Christian living is about showing the world the Jesus in are hearts by following his laws, and turing to his grace when we fall short. Admitting we have sinned, asking for forgivness, and truly repenting. It can be easy to simply say I can't do that , it's to hard. But what exactly does that do? I know that when I struggle all I need to do is turned to God and he is there to help and offer me strength to do his will and live like him. At the hear it's about love. Loving him enough to follow his will and accept it, even when it's painful and hard and the tunnel is dark . Loving him enough to follow his will. Loving him enough to say I believe . I love him enough to say that I'm not worthy but that I believe and I'm going to live like it - not only in my actions in front of others , but in my heart as well.

What about you?


Grl4God said...

Hello! I have some good news! G4G is back online! For those of you who do not know, G4G was down for awhile. Not anymore!


Tara said...

Yes, I to think that I am not worthy of all that He gives me. But I also believe, and try to show others that I do as well.

Miss Jocelyn said...

Wonderful and encouraging! You're very right!

Grl4God said...