Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I forgot to add in my last post that I have now put a link to the site dedicated to the movie on the left side of the blog. For those of you who don't know Fireproof is the new movie from the creators of facing the giants about a firefighter and his wife struggling to save their marriage. It is scheduled to come out in theaters this fall. I can't wait it will be awesome and hopefully help people renew commintements to their marriage and God. The divorce rate today is far to high and it destroys far to many lives. Make sure you check out the trailors!


Ashley Lane






Anonymous said...

HI there! I found you through the Kindred Spirit Network, and I thought I'd say hello, though I think you've been to my FeelinFeminine site.

Nice to meet you. :) I am looking forward to seeing that film. It looks really awesome.

You have a very nice blog! :) I hope you will visit mine and also my site for ladies who believe in modest femininity http://feelinfeminine.com, if you haven't already!

Miss Jocelyn

Sharon said...


I'm also looking forward to seeing Fireproof.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Like others..I found your blog through kindred spirits. I watched that trailor on "Fireproof" and really like it. I never even heard about it prior to stumbling upon your blog. I think I'll post a link the video myself.

Thanks for sharing :)