Saturday, May 31, 2008


So we leave for choir tour today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be back next saturday, so depending on we get in I'll update on Saturday or Sunday!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So we leave 4 choir tour on saturday! Practices have actually been going pretty well we just have to fine tune everything. I've been staying late and getting there early due to ride issues but have been using that time to help others and I've really enjoyed that! I enjoy preforming these acts of service because I draw closer to God-it brings me a peace that I can't get anywhere else.

Also I can't wait to start doing all the summer youth stuff at my church! We are doing a ton of stuff- it should be awesome!

New song discoveries/old favs:
Braid her hair-randy owens (this is a must listen go to it stars to play automatically . It's a really sweet song.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What's up?

This one is a pic af me and my friend getting ready for homecoming. It was in October... Think I'm a little late!

Ditto above!
One of hundreds of pics from my spring break trip...

Well a lot has gone on....

I'm now a sophmore!

So that's exciting. I'm leaving for choir tour in exactly one week and will be gone for a week. We are doing a musical called fruit bearing tree done by one of our choir directors friends. We will be the first to preform it! So if you could please pray that we will be able to pull in all the loose ends and share God's word.

Summers's here and along with the explosion of summer heat has come my brothers volatile temper yet again. It's always ten times worse in the summer but at least he will be on his meds this summer. (he's got ADHD) I'm just not sure I can handle being stuck in the car with him for two hours everyday this summer when he pretty much says whatever he feels like saying, hits whoever he feels like hitting, throws whatever he feels like throwing(This is bad anyway, but in a moving car on 75) My parents can't really do a lot about it, but this is something I learned along time ago is something I must give completly to God and just trust in him for.

Oh and this summer is also going to be exciting cuz I can dive right into my 24/7 volunterr schedule. I've so missed some of the special needs kids I see every year! Also my best friend and I have a summer project of tracing back our family history(now we have in excuse to hang out all summer!lol) Plus I hope to get back to the books I'm trying to write. I've missed doing it because of the lack of time I have had.

This summer my assignments include reading: Lord of the flies ( for honors 10th grade lit), Guns germs and steel(AP world history), Doing a 35 page packets of worksheets(Honors Algebra 2) , Typing 60 something words/definitions/relation to world history/online assignments(AP world history) . It's really not that bad so yeah. My other classes I will be taking next year are Spanish 3,Honors Chemistry,yearbook, intro to culinary arts(maybe switch to computer apps) and health and PE.

A couple of songs I've recently discovered:

Harder than the first time - BarlowGirl

The guy song-BarlowGirl

Every little thing - HawkNelson

Songs I already discovered but love:

Average Girl - BarlowGirl

California - HawkNelson

Friend like that - HaekNelson

Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman

Dive - Steven Curtis Chapman

Which brings me to my next point. Steven Curtic Chapman is an amazing and inspiring christian musician. He has a very close knit family on wedensday night one of thier three adopted daughters was killed and the funeral is today. Please pray. My heart breaks for their lost and I can't help but weep with them.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Hi, I'm back, and planning to do this once a week again. So my thoughts for tonight are this:

I'm rembering all the people in the bible who have let God lead them like Ruth and Job in a way when things were uncertain , and that is the kind of faith I want to have, I'm seeing God everyday in the little things now because I seek that, and I love it. I'm leaning to God more in new areas and that gives me peace, I'm learning more about my faith. So my point is seek it. "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7