Friday, August 29, 2008

Hi! Second week of school done. I'm really excited for this year(like I haven't mentioned that already!) I found out that I am one of the editors of my schools yearbook for the second year in a row. So prayers that I am able to glorify god in that leadership role. Last year was our first year and we all didn't know what we were doing, but this year we have more experience and better equipment to use. So north paulding legend volume 2 should be great. I'm gotten settled into my school routoine although our schedules are different everyday it seems. It should be normal next week! Today we have our first football game! Go wolfpack! Our pep rally today was a lot of fun. I can't go but I might watch online.

My reading of the bible and prayer time has gone well! It's so refreshing , rlaxing and rejuvinating. Although tonight I'm playing catch up because when I spent the night at my friends house last night I forgot to grab it on my way out the door. I will not let that stop me though. Oh by the way I am currently reading the psalms. At the bible study in church we are studying james as well. I really like the way my youth director leads it, and how I can feel god in it. Today I realized once again that God's timing is the best and that I just need to trust in him because he knows my heart!
God Bless,
Ashley Lane

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