Sunday, March 30, 2008


Ok, I just got back from singing at my church. We (the high school and middle school youth choirs) sang out the 8:30 and eleven o'clock services and had brunch inbetween . Talk about fun. We sang the chorus parts of blessed be your name with a middle school soloing the other part. Then we sang the song joyful , joyful from sister act two, although for the services we took at the rapping part. However when we sing it tonight our asociate pastor will be rapping. In addition the high school choir(me) will be singing and dancing to you can't stop the beat from hairspray. BTW we are doing this at our church (DUE WEST UMC) tonight from 4-8:30 to raise moeny for youth choir tour. The will be an auction dinner and of course the show with many great acts.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the sermon this morning. It was entitled Doubting Thomas? and the pastor talked about how we tend to just throw a blanket over thomas, because he did a lot of other great things and there are a lot of thomas's out there, questioning. And that jesus came back for thomas and he'll came back for you. I really enjoyed that, and the scripture readimg was very good as well.

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ok, soory I haven't been getting online as much.. :-( I love singing!! :-) But, I'm not that good.. :-)