Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Preparing for easter

Today at church was very cool. The first thing I was there for was when we "reinacted" The last supper. We did things that you might not associate with that night. We dipped celery in salty water to represent a scripture, and we drank soup from cups like that night, we washed each others hands too. We of course broke the bread and had the grape juice as well, and while I have done this many times this was a different atmosphere. We sat on the ground and around a table with candles, but we did our "reinactment" according to scripture so I enjoyed it. As easter is earlier this year I've kind of have just not been thinking about it and this was a nice reminder that hey easter is coming up, and look what Jesus did for , aren't you grateful.

Oh yesterday I found a new song I like, it's called set the world on fire by britt nicole. Here are the lyrics:
I wanna set the world on fire Until it`s burning bright for You It`s everything that I desire Can I be the one You use?
I, I am small butYou, You are big enough I, I am weak butYou, You are strong enough toTake my dreams Come and give them wings Lord with You There`s nothing I can not do Nothing I cannot do
I wanna feed the hungry children And reach across the farthest land And tell the broken there is healing And mercy in the Father`s hands
My hands my feet My everything My life, my love Lord, use me
I wanna set the world on fire I wanna set the world on fire, yeah
I`m gonna set the world on fire Set the world on fire

I thought the song represented me in a way. It's also has reminded me of several spirtual matters that have been on my mind this week.

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