Monday, July 7, 2008

In the little things..

God reveals himself in the small things to. We all know this so why do we continually overlook it?
Yesterday was our movie night at due west from 8-11 and we were out on the deck with a projector and a sheet but anyway we had to wait for it to get dark and it was the quiet that spoke to me during that time. The day had been filled with loud noise from video games and noise that brothers make it was the utter contrast.. the quiet that spoke to me. Then we watched an awesome movie : august rush, and the peace and awarness from the quiet had me making connections all throughout the movie. I saw little pieces of God all around me and my life. Then when it started lightning we went into the sanctuary and still there was the peace where connections were flying I felt so close to God and my creative side. The little things the quiet led me to the the bigger picture of God's awesome power. The way home I was looking at the heat lightening and it was like a flashlight turning on and off a piece of the sky was bieng uluminated only for a second it was a glimpse of a puzzle piece... A glimpse of God's power a glimpse of what he created..Awesome huh?
God bless,
Ashley Lane


Leah said...

This is really cool! I love the movie August Rush. I also notice that it seems to be easier to connect with God in the silent moments.

Brianna said...

Hey Ashley! Thanks for your comment...and you're is cool how we can see God's power in little bits all around us. I can't even imagine how overwhelmingly awesome it would be to see all His power all at once!

laney said...

Hey! I found your blog through Brianna and I love it! I live in Acworth, Ga, too!Isn't that so weird? Have a great day!
Love and Prayers,

Mackenzie said...

Thanx so much for all your prayers! They ARE helping!!