Sunday, June 29, 2008

Awesome God!

God is truly awesome! I have felt him in my life so much more each day. It's just an amazing feeling when you get struck with a God thought! Tonight was the crossroads UMC practice service at my old stomping ground ( elementary school)! It was just a great service all around. Crossroad UMC is a North Paulding branch(where I live) of my church Due West in Cobb. Services will kick off in september so we will probably go to both churches which should be fun and intersting to say the least. Anyway tonight one of the songs we sang really reached out and struck me It was lead me to the cross. Here's the link to a video on youtube with the song.
It really reached out to me because I realized I had been worrying and holding onto things that belong to God because It isn't going to matter much when I die, What will matter is whether or not my heart is With Jesus!
This past week I volunteered with a camp sponsered by FOCUS for special needs children and their siblings. It was my fourth year and it couldn't have been better. Working with those kids teaches me so much- each one is so sweet and innocent. God used this camp to put somebody in my life to let me know I'm not alone in some of the situations that go on my home and that it does get better. It was exactly what I needed to here and it came at the perfect time.
I leave with a the beginings of a prayer from the book dance of heaven check it out:
" Lord, I pray for all of us the ability
to fall down before You
and speack aloud the deepest secrets
that You already know exist.
May we turn to You alone and
not to substitutes of our culture
to find mercy and forgiveness for our sins..." This whole prayer is to long to type but I really like the begining part especially the Substitutes of our culture because what we turn to are exactly that... Substitutes. Check out the whole thing in the book!

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