Sunday, June 15, 2008

Choir tour

my new hair cut
me and my friend with our new do's
choir tour pic
Hey!!!! How have you been!?The trip was awesome amazing, indescribable!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad I went! There was eleven of us in high school choir, five chaperons and we had a 60 passenger bus! we all pretty much had our own isle! It was a bus that had TVs and a bathroom in the back. First day we drove to North Carolina we stopped for dinner on the way and we almost all had brought subway! then we continued till we arrived and met up with the middle school at the church we were staying at, we helped make dinner for the middle school than had desert and hung out. at midnight we (high school) practiced will middle went to bed. there was one part we all shout i am only there was a huge echo, and we woke everybody up talk about oops but it was fun! then both middle and high preformed at a nursing home(really funny story about that, but i have to tell you in person!) then high departed for Baltimore... the bus rides we all full of fun and games. we got there really late, but the church we were staying at was cool, much more comfortable than the first. two interns for the summer live there and they were both nice showed us everything etc. one was cute too. then the next day we started our first mission project the church picked a gas station and lowered the price by fifty cents! we cleaned up the lot and then some of us held signs, some offered free refreshments, some pumped gas, some wiped windshields, also Valvoline was there and checked all fluids and air pressure for free. we were on at least five news stations! but even if we weren't it was a blast!!!!!!!!!! then we sang at another nursing home... sweet people! then we went to a baseball game the orioles vs. the red sox. the red sox lost but it was still so fun! the next day we cleaned up the church yard then went shopping then to the aquarium! It was a blast I found a ton of cute stuff. we had dinner a johnny rockets which was fun ( it's 50s style) then we went shopping for thirty minutes and were supposed to meet at the bus but our choir director(billy) forgot to tell us were the bus was so the entire choir excluding chaperons all found each other but we all lost for like ten minutes wondering around in front of the mall but it was so fun/funny! we teased billy about it for the rest of the trip! the next day we went to Philly saw liberty bell/Independence hall/ ran the rocky steps, ate real Philly cheese steak, came back preformed at church stayed up late playing awesome/insane games. the next day went to Virginia checked into hotel ate at a tavern. Next day Busch gardens all day next day we returned! It was cool cuz we had devotions every night! there is so many more stories but you probably wouldn't get them unless you were on the trip! sorry this is so long!

Oh yea I finally cut my hair for locks of love!

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I like your hair!! It stylin!! :-D glad you had fun! :-D