Thursday, February 28, 2008

Recap of week.

This week has def been interesting and I'm ready for friday. We were supposed to have our math test on Tuesday but had it on Wedensday instead. It was easy. Tuesday was fun beacause we had our "poetry readings" in my honors lit class. My teacher really created that mood and we had coffe and tea. Of course I didn't like mine but I really enjoyed listening to others. There are some amazing writers in that class. Even when it was made to seem funny the poems revealed something about everyone. Tomorrow is my AP quiz and when we get to see a theatere company preform Romeo and Juliet! This Sat. i'm going to help clean part of the Silver Comet trail with my beta club, and next week I have 3 major projects due. However they are for the most part easy. My biology project is time consuming , but def intersting. I have to create a 5 generation pedigree chart and have pics for at least half the people in it. My brother (matt) seems to be having even more of his anger fits this week. We no longer have a printer and my second cell phone has been smashed. I got my first cell phone for christmas and my second after he smashed the first. Both were my parents old ones but I liked them. At least they are only material things though. Sometimes I get really tired of having a brother that does what he does. I love him, but I wish he didn't get so angry and I have a roller coaster of emotion from it. These are the time I must lean on God the most, and I feel his presence in a stronger way. I like that feeling that peace even if I've got some hard valley's to walk through to find it. There is no instant solution no magic powder but there is God. What could be better?

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