Sunday, February 24, 2008

I just got back from an awesome youth group session. It never fails to get me to think and open my heart and mind. It always brings to mind something I can apply to my life. My youth leader is great, he helps my spirtual life so much, and he's def. wise. I love hanging with the people in youth to. They are so nice and just funny. Now if only I could stop bieng so shy! When people or older than me even by just a year I tend to be shy I guess because of an automatic need to please type thing that I don't even think about! For example I normally talk non stop but around older people I am just eerily quiet, but that is not always bad because I can learn from just bieng quiet so It's something I'm praying about~How to find the balance. Anyway the lesson tonight was about choices,and one of the things we talked about that struck me was the choice to seek advice. I'm the type of person who turns inward with a decesion, and granted that hasn't turned out bad, i'm thinking in addition I could be seeking counsel to help me not only with my choices but to grow spirtually as well.

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Mt. Bethel UMC said...

Awesome. You have some great insights, Ashley. And it's good that you noticed opportunities for personal growth in your own life.

You are a strong and inspiring person. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!