Saturday, March 14, 2009

The rescue is on! Read me!

Invisible children is an organization very close to my heart, some of you know know what I'm talking about, but if you don't here's a bit of background: Invisible children was started by three boys who made the trip to Uganda and were horrified by what they saw and decided it had end. So the made the first video called : Rough cut. What they saw was a nation that had been at war for over 20 years , hundreds of children flooding into the city at night to avoid being kidnapped and turned into child soldiers by a man named Joseph Koni, they saw devastation. This was my reaction to the first Video, Scroll down to hear about an update and their latest video:
"Tonight at a beta club movie night we showed the film Invisible Children the rough cut to get the rest of the club and the parents fired up about our project of building a school in Africa, and it pretty much broke my heart. I wanted to cry so hard, but most importantly I wanted to do something to change it. You see my faith was kind of starting to reach a point of stagnancy, and I was trying to find something to blow that door open again. You see I didn't believe any less than before, I had my little candle of faith, but I wanted a bonfire instead. What I mean is I wanted to always continue to grow in my faith everyday of my life. I started becoming committed to reading my bible everyday, and I spent a lot of time praying about it. Slowly but surely I felt God at work in my life for this. I had some awesome youth group experiences that blew those doors open, and then I saw this video, and I have never felt more sure of my faith or passion to make a difference. I thought if these children, who everyday endure pain, that I on my worst day will NEVER experience, can still get up at the crack of dawn and pray, I can most certainly live out my faith and grow stronger in it. I CAN make a difference with my God. I urge you to see it . Borrow it or buy it at www. Tell everyone you know about it. I know that I will, I will also throw myself into helping those children through my beta club and others, I will praise the lord everyday for what I have been given and don't deserve. I will be a follower of Christ."

Now: The number of death has risen, the number of children abducted has risen, and the number effected has risen! After the sixth attempt at a peace talk agreement with Joseph Koni, and after the 6th time he has backed out at the last minute .Invisible Children has decided enough is enough! Now Joseph Koni has moved into five other nations and is forcing more children to become killers and see things No Child, No person should ever see. Watch the latest Video entitled the rescue Here: becauseit's about rescuing the children. So on April 25,2009 in cities around the world we will come together . We will Abduct ourselves for however long it takes to rescue this kids. We will all be cramming into one location until we are rescued by a celebrity or person of influence whom we will contact. The stipulations are that they come to our location , bring the media and make a statement about the invisible child soldiers and calling for Koni to be arrested. This is meant to be overnight. If we are rescued quickly we are invited to spend the night and still spread the word and if we aren't rescued for three days we stay there for three days!

After seeing this movie today and being brought back to the reality of their life it's hard to imagine life here going on still when there peace is JUST A DREAM, and to me that's part of what the rescue is about- stopping the way we live(if eve for a short time) To make a statement and a difference in their suffering! Today after the screening I went to the store and was struck as I walked by the magazine racks by how much useless info is being published when There is a war devastating millions and turning children into killers going on. It's time to end the War!
God Bless,
Ashley Lane


Annabell said...

oh my gosh...that is so great! i'm really proud that you are growing in your faith so much! God bless!! ['=

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Sorry it took me so long to return the note! :)

Miss Jocelyn,